Virtual Office Address

An impressive and professional address for your business — no leases, no strings attached, and no headaches.

Virtual Office Address

Elevate your professional image, solidify your local presence, and go wherever your business takes 

you with a prestigious virtual business address.

Would you love to put a prestigious address on your business cards… without the price premium that comes with long-term commercial leases?

Using a virtual business address gives you more than a sterling image, though. You also know that documents and other deliveries will always be received. You’ll never have to worry about missing important pieces of mail, because our professional staff can take care of any handling or forwarding needs that you have when you choose Intelligent Office.

If you’re looking to establish a local business footprint, a virtual mailbox with a professional business address can be one of the means toward that end. Even if you just swing by to pick up your mail, you can still network and connect with other professionals in your area.


Intelligent Office: What makes a virtual office address so useful for the modern business owner?

A better way to run and grow your business.


Elevate Your Professional Image

Your business needs an address to call home, and you’d rather not use your home address. Elevate your professionalism with a virtual address.


An Affordable Option

Renting dedicated office space is expensive, and you’ll have to commit to a lease. A virtual mailbox is an affordable, on-demand option.


Go Where Your Business Takes You

A virtual business address allows you and your business to be as mobile as you need to be. When you get back home, your important documents and packages will be waiting.

Whatever your needs, Intelligent Office has a solution. Because our virtual address services are fully customizable,

 you only pay for what you need.