Meeting Rooms

Do you know where you'll hold your next meeting? Let us help.

Meeting Rooms, On-Demand

If you need a professional, on-demand meeting space (without any long-term commitments), 

renting a meeting room may be the solution you never even knew existed.

With our meeting room rentals, you know that you’ll always have a spot for your next board meeting, team brainstorming, training session, or client meeting for however long you need it. Whether you need a meeting space for an hour, a day, or longer, customized options are all available — you’re completely in control.

You don’t have to worry about the technology, either. Our conference room rentals come equipped with whiteboards, projectors, comfy seating, conference-ready phones… and even caffeine (coffee and tea are provided).

With a professional, Intelligent Office modern meeting room space, you can be confident that your meetings will run smoothly, every time.


Intelligent Office: A better way to run, and grow, your business.

What makes renting a meeting room from Intelligent Office so useful for your business?


Lower Overhead

Renting a dedicated office is expensive, especially when you don’t need the space every day. Meeting room rentals provide everything you need to do business at a reasonable cost.


A Fully-Furnished and Equipped Solution

You provide the attendees (and maybe the laptop) — we cover everything else. Our conference room spaces are beautifully furnished and have all of the equipment you need.


What You Need — No More, No Less

We can quickly configure a meeting space to comfortably accommodate meetings of any size and type. That means you get everything you need to work effectively, and that’s all you pay for.

Whatever your needs, Intelligent Office has a solution. Because our virtual address services are fully customizable,

 you only pay for what you need.